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Common Dallas Pests

Close-up photo of a cockroach, a reddish-brown insect with a flattened body, long antennae, and two sets of wings.

American Roaches

American cockroaches, also known as "waterbugs," are a common species of cockroach found in the United States.

Close-up photo of a female black widow spider, with a shiny black body and a distinctive red hourglass marking on its underside.

Black Widow Spiders

Black widows are a group of highly venomous spiders found throughout the world.

Close-up photo of a small, reddish-brown chigger or harvest mite, crawling on a blade of grass.


Chiggers, also known as harvest mites or red bugs, are tiny larvae of certain mite species that are commonly found in grassy and wooded areas.

Close-up photo of a red fire ant crawling on the ground, with a group of ants visible in the background.

Fire Ants

Fire ants get their name from their reddish-brown coloring and the sharp, burning pain that they induce when they sting you.

Close-up photo of a female mosquito, a common flying insect known for its thin, long legs, and needle-like mouthpart used to feed on blood.


During the summer months, mosquitoes are simply accepted by most residents as an unfortunate part of warmer weather.

Close-up photo of a brown rat with black eyes and a long, scaly tail

Rats & Mice

Both rats and mice can cause damage to buildings and property by gnawing on wires, pipes, and insulation.

Close-up photo of a termite, a small, pale insect known for its ability to consume wood and cause significant damage to homes and buildings.


Termites are small, social insects that feed on wood and other cellulose-based materials.

Close-up photo of a wasp, a slender, elongated insect with distinctive features such as narrow waistline, two pairs of wings, and large compound eyes.


Wasps are a diverse group of insects that can be found in many different habitats around the world.

Close-up photo of a large, brown wolf spider with stripes on its back, crawling on a rock.

Wolf Spiders

They are named for their wolf-like hunting behavior and are known for their fast running speed and powerful bites.

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